Last Chance U: The Coaching Box

I had not watched Netflix’s “Last Chance U” before just a couple of weeks ago. If it has not been docked into your “My List” section, I would recommend it to those who enjoy sports. But, even more for those who aspire to coach, like myself.

Jason Brown, who grew up in Compton, California and is one of those cannot miss personalities roaming the sidelines, has sparked great conversation about what is right versus wrong when it comes to how a coach coaches.

Brown is commonly heard yelling profanities, going on expletive-laced tirades and having no fear going after his coaching staff either. All of these instances took me aback a bit as I watched the season unfold for historically down-trodden Independence Community College (ICC) as the program tried to make its comeback.

Through all of the craziness I witnessed watching Coach Brown on my TV, one thing I cannot deny is that he absolutely cares for and loves his players so much that he would do whatever it takes to get the job done. Interviewees talked about how he built the team lounge area and a film room all with his bare hands upon getting the job. Furthermore, he signed the shoe company Adidas as a sponsor the team so that his kids could feel like a real-deal football team. Lastly, many mentioned his innate ability to relate to many of the situations that these kids grew up in, at the junior college level, being that he came from little and made himself into a successful contributor in society.

Some might find Brown’s ways maniacal, unprofessional or down-right inappropriate and at times and I would absolutely agree with you. I would not be as abrasive toward my players as he is if I were in his position. Yet, he has an undeniable passion for the game and more importantly for the kids he coaches that I respect a great deal.

Where do you stand on Jason Brown’s coaching style? Does he cross the line too often or brush up against just enough? Let me know in the comments down below.

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